About Us

At Japanese Schoolhouse, we offer a safe and secure place for your children to play, learn, and grow with other children and adults.

We structure our program to be responsive to the needs of each child. The main goal of our program is to have fun, improve social skills and prepare the children for kindergarten and academic success.

Childhood is such a short and magical time; we try our best to make each day meaningful and special for each child.

Kindergarten Preparation

Our goal is to create a fun environment where children have early experiences that help them feel positive about learning. As they grow and become curious about their world, the encouragement of their exploration becomes the foundation for their future love of learning. In fact the information they gather during their early years lays the foundation for academic success.

At Japanese Schoolhouse, children learn their ABCs, numbers, colors, shapes, and both the Japanese and English languages through a variety of exercises including art projects, playing games, singing songs and lots more.

Healthy Homemade School Lunch

We provide organic, homemade, nourishing school lunch at no additional cost to you.

  • Organic ingredients are used whenever possible.
  • No pre-packaged meals. We make most everything from scratch.
  • We emphasize nutritious foods such as whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables.
  • Preschoolers participate in our cooking projects which encourage your child to learn about healthy food choices and the joys of cooking and baking.

Cleanliness, Hygiene and Safety

We do our best to maintain strict cleanliness and hygiene standards.

  • Hands are frequently washed.
  • Our facility is completely child-proofed and also includes a fenced back yard so your child can play safely both indoors and outdoors.

All employees of Japanese Schoolhouse obtain the following certifications and clearances. Your child will be cared by trusted and experienced caregivers.

  • CPR and First Aid certified
  • Completed 15 units of Preventative Health and Safety Training
  • Criminal background clearance
  • TB clearance


Director Nao Wilberg

Director Nao Wilberg

Nao has over 10 years of experience working with children and has a bachelors degree in Premedicine with focuses on Early Childhood Developmental Psychology and Biochemistry.

Nao is an experienced cook who has studied Nutrition at the graduate level, and believes strongly in organic and nutritious meals.

Teacher Aki

Teacher Setsuko